Thursday, June 25, 2009

Everyone's Favorite Summer Activity

Ah, summer reading. Mandatory, teacher-assigned summer reading, that is. Exciting, no?

On one hand, reading is exciting! Especially during the summer. I, personally, would read over the summer even if I didn't have to.

On the other hand, the books that teachers assign are often (not always, but often) a huge yawn, and are also often depressing. And they wonder why so many kids don't like to read.

What say you? Is summer reading a delightful opportunity for exploring literature? Or does it hinder you from sinking your teeth into other books that are more to your taste? Also, what summer reading (if any) have you been assigned, and what is your opinion of it?


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Trina said...

i must say, i probably read more books in summer than any other time of the year. all those empty weeks, several weeks of which wil be filled with cold and rain (this is new zealand, people, what did you expect.) thankfully, teachers here seem to view the summer holidays as a period of rest and relaxation, for us as well as them. Yay! i have no problem with reading in summer, but teachers seem tolike to pick books that are big on theme and meaning, i.e. easy ones to write essays on. unfortunately, this doesn't mean they are enjoyable. far too heavy going, in my opinion. (this from someone who struggled through pride and prejudice adn wuthering heights). also thankfully, we only study one novel a year. lord of the flies, here i come. what joy!