Sunday, April 19, 2009


Something very weird happened to me last Wednesday. I experienced not one, but two (quite unrelated) coincidences that day. Here are the four events, in chronological order:

1. On the way to school, I listened to a podcast of NPR's Sunday Puzzle. One of the puzzle solutions was "Cats cast," as in, the cast of the musical Cats.

2. Upon arriving, I frolicked off to chemistry class, where I engaged in a spirited discussion about fate and predetermined destinies.

3. After school, my mom picked me up, and announced that she had spontaneously purchased tickets to the musical Cats for that night.

4. At home, I logged on to my computer and posted a comment on Gabriel's post about fate and predetermined destinies.

Coincidentally yours,

Cats was very good, by the way.


Rui Xuan said...

Have you read Why Buses Come in Threes: The Hidden Mathematics of Everyday Life by Robert Eastway, Jeremy Wyndham, and Tim Rice (Foreword)? It has a chapter on coincidences, which is pretty interesting :)
Rui Xuan

Tay Darramont said...

No, I have not, but it sounds like the kind of book a math geek like myself would greatly enjoy. Thanks for recommending it!