Thursday, October 9, 2008

Reader's Block

The weird thing about books for teens is that a lot of them are depressing. Or at least, a lot of the ones at my local library are depressing. Has this ever happened to you? When I go to the library, I often choose books by randomly picking them off the shelves. Sadly, in recent times this search method has not really yielded much worth reading. I find myself with a whole lot of sob stories. And don't get me wrong- a good sob story once in a while is okay. I just don't want an armload of them.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending (unlike the books to which I have been referring.) Because, as I contemplated my case of reader's block, I realized that I have been writing for a blog that reviews books, and therefore, obviously, if I want something good to read, I should simply search 3 Evil Cousins until I find something with a good review, and dash off to the library to check it out. Wow. The solution was staring me in the face the whole time.

So thank you, my dear fellow reviewers, for averting a potentially bad case of reader's block.


Unfortunately, though, this method will not actually help me find new books to review. I must persevere in wading through shelves of sob stories in search of a good one. 


rickart said...

So I guess I'm not going to get out of making trips to the library on the weekends... Oh well...

Just kidding... you know that I like having an excuse to go!

Rui Xuan said...

I'm not sure about you, because I usually trawl the Internet for good books. Another way to search for books to review is to Google the name of your (favourite) author(s), because the chances are, he or she has written more than one book, and if you like the books, great. It makes reviewing it much easier. At home, every Sunday, there are book reviews in the newspaper, and a list of the most popular books sold in bookstores. On Sundays, in the Jobs section(Young Classified), there are also a few book reviews sent in by teenagers, which I usually cut out and keep. Your bookshop might also provide a list of books. Library catalogues help too, and in 3 Evil Cousins, you don't actually have to look for book reviews; the comments and tagboard usually have people asking: "Have you read ______?" So that's good material, too. It's everywhere, really.