Sunday, October 19, 2008

Interesting. Very interesting....

Hmmm. Well, a few weeks ago I wrote a post talking about lame sequels to good books. I'm sure you all have read it. But now, I am encountering a different phenomenon, a virtual first in the world of literature. I am actually reading a sequel that's better than the original. So far, at least. I mean, the original was pretty good, but the sequel is better.

In case you are curious as to what books I'm talking about, they are Peeps and The Last Days. I liked Peeps pretty well until the ending, which was what really what knocked it down to three and a half daggers in my view. (read my review!) But it would have gotten at least four, with a better ending. The Last Days, though, I would give four and a half or five, if I were reviewing it. Which I'm not. But still.

Hoping The Last Days has a better ending than Peeps, because if it doesn't, that will completely kill it, and also be totally lame,


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